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Vilfo and Protectli

Introducing Vilfo OS, pre-installed on the Protectli Vault

Vilfo is a powerful, VPN centric firewall Operating System that makes securing your network simple. Connect your entire network to multiple VPNs and manage everything in a simple interface that removes the complexity of similar firewall operating systems. 

Vilfo is now available as a pre-installed operating system for the Vault. Plug & play, ready out of the box. 

protectli vilfo

Better Together

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Vilfo: Whole network VPN, made easy


All major VPN providers, fully integrated

All major VPN providers that support OpenVPN or Wireguard are pre-integrated into Vilfo.  Just add your VPN username and password. No configuration files necessary.

Control your devices independently

With ‘Groups’, Vilfo OS lets you categorize the devices on your network. Connect to specific VPNs for all your streaming devices, set a separate VPN for your home security, or even bypass some traffic like gaming that shouldn’t go through a VPN.

Protection for devices using a VPN

Unlike similar firewall operating systems, no complex setup is needed with Vilfo to ensure all devices on a VPN are fully protected. Set up a killswitch to avoid DNS requests being leaked to your ISP, and enforce which websites can be accessed using the Vilfo browser extension.

Know your network

Set up push notifications for both email and phone to receive alerts for key events. VPN connection dropped? New, unknown device on the network? Power outage? Check, check and check. Set up custom alerts and access insights in the OS.

Ready out-of-the-box

vilfo & Vault

Hardware you can trust

The Vault comes in various configurations and is fully customizable. Powerful hardware ensures effortless encryption of your VPN traffic, managed by Vilfo.

Vilfo pre-loaded & tested

Protectli will pre-load Vilfo on the Vault and fully test the install before it ships. Just unbox and go.

End to end support

Running into an issue? Hardware engineers from Protectli and the software support team from Vilfo are here to help. 

How do I get started?

Vilfo Licensing

Every Vault with Vilfo pre-installed comes with a 14-day free trial version. After, you have several options to keep Vilfo OS:

Home License

  • Up to 25 devices, up to 4 groups, and up to 3 concurrent VPN Tunnels

Home Pro License

  • Unlimited devices, unlimited groups, and up to 10 concurrent VPN Tunnels

Install Options

  1. Install Vilfo yourself on your own Vault. See Knowledge Base article.
  2. Purchase any Vault with Vilfo OS pre-installed & tested before it ships.
  3. Start with one of our default configurations below.

Get your Vault with Vilfo pre-installed

Start with a Protectli recommended configuration

Protectli Vault – FW4B

Est. VPN performance (OpenVPN): 200 Mbps *

  • Intel Quad Core
  • 4x 1G Intel NICs
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32GB SSD
Protectli Vault FW4B

Protectli Vault Pro – VP2410

Est. VPN performance (OpenVPN): 515 Mbps *

  • Intel Quad Core
  • 4x 1G Intel NICs
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 120 GB SSD

Protectli Vault – FW6C

Est. VPN performance (OpenVPN): 700 Mbps *

  • Intel i5 Dual Core
  • 6x 1G Intel NICs
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 120GB SSD
FW6C Vilfo

* Please refer to our Knowledge Base article for details on our VPN throughput testing. 

US-Based Support | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee I Ships Worldwide
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