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Protect your remote workforce during times of uncertainty.

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Work from home, but do it safely.

During 2020, the COVID pandemic has seen millions of employees around the globe transition into the largest remote workforce the world has ever seen.

For IT departments and business owners, this introduces a unique challenge of its own: Ensuring network security and business continuity across an entire workforce that is using their own devices and their own networks.

Protectli can help.

The Key Challenges

Many small businesses and organizations are transitioning to telecommuting as we see reduced in-person workforces and schools that have staggered in person learning.

For IT decision makers this can become stressful as they now have to rely on a remote connection to their employees. During these times of transition, networks are especially vulnerable.

The Protectli Vault can help ensure that networks remain secure and vulnerabilities are minimized.

Remote Office - VPN

How we can help

Keeping your current & future workforce secure and always connected. 

Meet: The Vault

The Vault is compact, quiet and built on reliable components: Get Intel CPUs & NICs, SSDs throughout, and up to 64GB RAM.

Every Vault can be custom-configured and is available as 2-Port, 4-Port and 6-Port models.

Install VPNs, and a robust firewall

All Vaults are OS agnostic and support the popular open source firewall distros like pfSense, OPNsense, Untangle etc. This allows for a number of implementations:

  • High Availability: Set up VPNs to allow the employees to stay connected to essential business networks.  Facilitate secure connectivity at the network layer, not the software layer.
  • Secure Connection: Safeguard against cyber or phishing attacks before they happen.
  • Always-on with 4G Failover: Ensure that you never lose internet connectivity if you add the Protectli 4G LTE Modem for failover.
  • Split VPN: Set up physical ports that connect to the workplace and others that can be used for your family’s regular connectivity.

For maximum security, transparency, and audit-ability the Vault can be configured with coreboot, an open source device firmware.

Protectli Vault - tested software

Get Started

Protectli Vault – 2 Port

V1210 front

Protectli Vault – 4 Port

VP2410 4-Port

Protectli Vault – 6 Port

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