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A hardware platform to run your preferred firewall distribution

A dedicated hardware firewall

Network security continues to grow in importance as hackers and unwanted advertisers attack and spam any network they can reach.  Your private network security is far too important to be left to whatever your ISP rents to you or whatever wireless router was left on the bottom shelf of your local electronics store. Even major manufacturers often fail to patch vulnerabilities (Read more).

Take back your network with a Protectli Vault, running your preferred, open source firewall distribution.  Enable enterprise level features such as whole network VPN, intrusion detection / prevention, DNSSec, deep packet inspection, web filtering, and countless others.  Automatically block all connections from other countries or refuse to let ads and trackers in. 

The Protectli Vault offers a hardware platform that you can tailor to be exactly what you need and gives you the flexibility to load your preferred software solution:

  • No vendor lock in: Change firewall software as you please.
  • Plenty of performance: Tired of performance issues over VPN? Unleash VPN performance with a Vault
  • Versatility: Add dedicated networks to create layers of defense and keep IoT traffic where it belongs
  • Failover: Add Protectli 4G LTE failover to make sure you internet connection never goes down again.
Protectli Solutions - Firewall

The Key Issues

Data security is a subject that gets more and more attention every day, and rightly so. From hackers to major data breaches, protecting your home or business network is imperative.

The Protectli Vault lets you protect your entire network with a single firewall. And unlike other providers, the Vault is Intel x86 based so you’re not locked in to a specific provider that might change their licensing model or EOL software making you vulnerable.

Finally, to ensure maximum uptime the Vault is built to last: Compact, and without any moving parts.

How we can help

Securing your network with open source OS & BIOS.

Meet: The Vault

The Vault is compact, quiet and built on reliable components: Get Intel CPUs & NICs, SSDs throughout, and up to 64GB RAM.

Every Vault can be custom-configured and is available as 2-Port, 4-Port and 6-Port models. To choose the right Vault for you, we recommend starting with our Buyer’s Guide.

With a dedicated hardware firewall like the Vault, you will get faster response times and better load handling. In turn this also won’t affect system performance or speed of your computer.

Max security with custom OS & BIOS

All Vaults are OS agnostic and support the popular open source firewall distros like pfSense, OPNsense, Untangle etc. Or you can roll your own based on Linux or FreeBSD.

With its own operating system, you are able to set enhanced security controls and are less prone to attacks.

On top of that, we offer the Vault pre-configured with coreboot, an open source device firmware for maximum security, transparency, and audit-ability.

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Get Started

Protectli Vault – 2 Port

V1210 front

Protectli Vault – 4 Port

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Protectli Vault – 6 Port

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