May 25, 2021

Meet the new hardware: The Vault Pro VP2410

The Protectli product line is getting one of its biggest upgrades to date: The Vault Pro!  The first model of this new series that we are releasing today is the 4 Port Vault Pro VP2410, which you can now order on

So, what’s new?

vp2410 banner

The difference is in the (hardware) details.

The Vault Pro was developed as a utility platform that excels under most any workload. Our customers have come to love the ability to use the Vault for whatever situation is called for, so when we designed the new VP2410, we built in even more use cases and capabilities.

  • Firewall: 4x Intel® gigabit NIC’s, AES-NI support and a very capable CPU
  • Virtualization Platform: Up to 16GB DDR4 memory, plus up to 6TB of combined internal storage, 4 cores
  • Desktop Computer: Speedy CPU, HDMI and / or DP video, USB Type C
  • IoT Edge Device:  Up to a combined 6TB of local SSD storage; plus USB A and USB C ports; and 4x gigabit Intel NIC’s
  • Digital Signage:  HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, plus audio over HDMI
  • Small Office Server: Tested compatibility with lots of different operating systems

The VP2410 is built around the Intel® J4125 CPU, a modern Celeron processor that brings compatibility with DDR4 memory and updates to most of the other I/O on the board.  M.2 WiFi connected via PCIe is now available, as is M.2 SATA SSD. 

    How does it compare?

    The J4125 CPU inside the Vault Pro VP2410 is a big upgrade to our 4 port lineup! And while the FW4B is rock solid and will remain our go-to recommendation for most use cases, the Vault Pro is a new option if you require more power, or simply want to future-proof your investment. When comparing Passmark CPU scores, you will find the J4125 in the new VP2410 to be more than double the score of the FW4B.

    FW4BNew VP2410The Difference
    Intel® Celeron® J3160 4 cores up to 2.24GHz PassMark® Score of 1,290Intel® Celeron® J4125 4 cores up to 2.7GHz PassMark® Score of 3,036+230% general performance +400% encryption performance +100% L2 cache
    Up to 8GB DDR3 MemoryUp to 16GB DDR4 Memory+50% memory bandwidth
    mSATA and SATA I/O interfacesSATA, M.2, and PCIe I/O interfacesGo bigger with M.2 SSD capacities up to 2TB. Add an internal 2.5” SSD up to 4TB
    USB channel mPCIe WiFiPCIe WiFiSupport for higher WiFi throughput and more modern M.2 WiFi cards
    Basic Intel® Virtualization VT-xAdvanced Intel® Virtualization VT-x and VT-dFaster I/O by allowing VMs to access hardware directly rather than through software interfaces
    Intel Graphics, 2x HDMIIntel® UHD Graphics 600 Video Supporting 4K@60Hz via HDMI or DisplayPortWatch/convert/transcode full 4K UHD video faster than ever
    MSRP $229MSRP $279Next-gen performance at a low price

    Ready to see what the VP2410 looks like all decked out? Configure your Vault Pro VP2410 now!