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Protectli coreboot

coreboot provides a boot-firmware solution that is secure, fast and reliable. Millions of devices around the world already run on coreboot:

  • Fast, light-weight and secure BIOS

  • Get maximum security, transparency, and audit-ability
  • Select during configuration of your Vault (see compatible models below)


Using coreboot on the Vault, instead of the traditional AMI BIOS, has numerous advantages.


  • coreboot is very light weight. It is designed to do the minimum amount necessary and get out of the way.


  • coreboot has been validated to work with pfSense, OPNsense, FreeBSD, Untangle, Ubuntu, Windows, and ESXi when used on the Vault
coreboot on Protectli Vault - circuit board

3. Designed for security by default

  • Uses a minimal trusted computing base for each platform which is easily auditable, helping to guarantee security.
  • As coreboot is Open Source, anyone can check the codebase.
  • After it has completed initialization, more than 99% of the code is removed from memory.
  • when paired with SecureBoot on the FW6, the solution can be used to ensure that only signed firmware is allowed to run, thereby creating a highly secure environment

How does coreboot stack up?

Should you pick coreboot or the traditional AMI? We’ll help you decide! We at Protectli are big fans of coreboot, mostly because it’s Open Source and therefore the highest level of security available today. We highlighted how both stack up against each other:

AMI vs Coreboot

Looking to dig even deeper?

We’ve written up in-depth how coreboot works on the Vault.

All coreboot-supported Models
The following models will let you select coreboot during configuration.
FW2B – Intel ® J3060

Dual Core turbo to 2.48GHz


– coreboot supported –

Starts at $259
2 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall
FW4B – 4 Port Intel ® J3160

Quad Core turbo to 2.24GHz


– coreboot supported –

Starts at $319

4 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall
FW6A / FW6B / FW6C / FW6D / FW6E

Dual Core/ up to 4 Threads at 3.1GHz


– coreboot supported –

Starts at $389
Available on backorder.
Expected in-stock date: February 22, 2022.

6 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall
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