Protectli coreboot

coreboot provides a boot-firmware solution that is secure, fast and reliable. Millions of devices around the world already run on coreboot:

  • Fast, light-weight and secure BIOS

  • Get maximum security, transparency, and audit-ability
  • Select during configuration of your Vault (see compatible models below)


Using coreboot on the Vault, instead of the traditional AMI BIOS, has numerous advantages.


  • coreboot is very light weight. It is designed to do the minimum amount necessary and get out of the way.


  • coreboot has been validated to work with pfSense, OPNsense, FreeBSD, Untangle, Ubuntu, Windows, and ESXi when used on the Vault
coreboot on Protectli Vault - circuit board

3. Designed for security by default

  • Uses a minimal trusted computing base for each platform which is easily auditable, helping to guarantee security.
  • As coreboot is Open Source, anyone can check the codebase.
  • After it has completed initialization, more than 99% of the code is removed from memory.
  • when paired with SecureBoot on the FW6, the solution can be used to ensure that only signed firmware is allowed to run, thereby creating a highly secure environment

Looking to dig deeper?

We’ve written up in-depth how coreboot works on the Vault.

All coreboot-supported Models
The following models will let you select coreboot during configuration.
FW2B – Intel ® J3060

Dual Core turbo to 2.48GHz


– coreboot supported –

Starts at $179
2 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall
FW4B – 4 Port Intel ® J3160

Quad Core turbo to 2.24GHz


– coreboot supported –

Starts at $219
4 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall
All Protectli Vault – 6 Port

Dual Core/ up to 4 Threads at 3.1GHz


– coreboot supported –

Starts at $289
6 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall