LP4: Vault (08/26/2020)

LP4: Vault (08/26/2020)

Protectli Vault 

#1 Firewall Appliance for Open-Source Software.

US-Based Support | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee I Ships Worldwide

Meet: The Vault

The firewall that gives you complete control: Run any open-source software, OS or hypervisor and secure your network your way. Built for network professionals and self-professed geeks like us.

Powerful & Trusted Hardware

The Vault is compact, 100% silent and built on reliable components: Get Intel CPUs & NICs, SSDs throughout, and up to 64GB RAM.

Every Vault can be custom-configured and is available as 2-Port, 4-Port and 6-Port models.

Install any Software

All Vaults are OS agnostic and support the popular open source firewall distros like pfSense, OPNsense, Untangle etc. Select OS are available to be preinstalled during configuration.

For maximum security, transparency, and audit-ability the Vault can be configured with coreboot, an open source device firmware.

Protectli Vault - tested software
Select Your Model

Select from our most popular models and configure your Vault.

2- Port Vault (FW2B)

Small but mighty: Best for home users with few network connections.
  • Intel Dual-Core (Turbo 2.48GHz)
  • up to 8GB DDR3 RAM
2 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall

4- Port Vault (FW4B)

More ways to customize: Ideal for small teams & companies.
  • Intel QuadCore (Turbo 2.24GHz)
  • up to 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • AES-NI, mSATA 
4 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall

6- Port Vault (FW6C)

More ports, more power: Use in medium to large teams/companies.
  • Intel i5 7200u (Turbo 3.1GHz)
  • up to 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • AES-NI, mSATA and/or 2.5″ SSD
6 Port Vault - Protectli Firewall