March 09, 2023

New Canada Headquarters now open!

We are both proud and excited to announce that our brand-new headquarter in Canada is now open! Located in Vancouver, Canada, our new build & fulfillment center has started shipping Vaults to Canadian customers this week, so go check it out:

Protectli Canada

Where do we ship to?

If you live in Canada, you are now able to purchase Protectli products and have them shipped from our offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This will result in quicker and more affordable shipping options, GST that is built into the order, as well as no more customs and duties.

If you live outside of Canada, the US and Europe, we hope to have a local office near you soon! 

What can I expect?

Just like in the US and the EU, we offer Free Shipping for domestic shipments in Canada for all orders over $99 CAD.