1RU Rack Mount Shelf


  • 1RU Rack Mount Shelf
  • Holds 1 or 2 Vaults
  • Kit includes screws to mount Vault on shelf

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The Protectli 1 RU Rack Mount Shelf is customized with pre-drilled holes to mount 1 or 2 Protectli Vaults in a Standard 19″ rack. The dimensions are 19″ wide x 1.75″ high x 5″ deep (482.6 mm x 44.45 mm x 127.0 mm).  The kit includes 8 screws to attach the Vaults to the shelf.  Rack mounting screws are not provided.

  • 2 port and 4 port Vaults are short enough to be mounted on the shelf and still fit in just 1U
  • 6 port Vaults, when mounted on the shelf, are slightly taller than 1U.

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Weight 2.75 lbs