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Getting Started

Set up your Vault.



Includes any Vault & Vault Pro.

AllVaults (2)

This applies to all Protectli Vault and Vault Pro units: FW2B, FW4B, FW4C, VP2410, FW6A, FW6B, FW6C, FW6D, FW6E, VP4630, VP4650.


1) Start with our extensive Knowledge Base

We have published an extensive Knowledge Base (KB) of articles aimed at helping you get started with your Vault as quickly as possible. Our KB is search-based, so just search what you’re looking for!

If you purchased a unit without memory or storage, search for ‘hardware overview’ to learn about hardware requirements and where components are installed. Want to know how to install your preferred operating system? Just search it by name.

2) Register your Product

Your Vault comes with a 1-year warranty. Please register your product at the link below. 

3) Get help from our team

If you are encountering problems getting up and running, we are here to help. 

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