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Domotz Integration for the Vault

Introducing Domotz for the Vault

Domotz enables IT teams to remotely monitor and manage their networks and IT infrastructure, while ensuring that the security and the operational efficiency of their organizations are properly maintained. Domotz is now available pre-installed on the Protectli Vault FW2B with coreboot. Ready to go, out of the box.

Domotz on Vault

In close partnership: 

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Domotz: Powerful network monitoring software

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Monitor All Devices

Get 360-degree visibility and actionable insights on all network-based devices and IT infrastructures you manage.
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Track in real time

Identify issues and troubleshoot in real time at network and device level. Add alerts to make sure the your infrastructure is performing at its best.

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Manage from anywhere

Use Domotz to connect remotely and resolve issues just like you would if you were on the customer site.

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Add more security

Automatically scan networks for security vulnerabilities. Domotz is looking for device changes, and can alert you when new devices appear.

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Plenty of power

This preconfigured Domotz box offers higher throughput for internet speed testing, better performance for advanced networks that require SNMPv3 monitoring, as well as wider networks (e.g. networks with /16 subnets – also called Big Network scans in Domotz).

Ready out of the box.

Preloaded & Tested

Protectli will pre-load Domotz on the FW2B, and fully test the install before it ships. Just unbox and go.

Secure Hardware

The Protectli Vault FW2B has been custom-configured with coreboot to run Domotz optimally.

End to end support

Running into an issue? The software support team from Domotz and hardware engineers from Protectli are here to help. 

Get your Vault with Domotz

Protectli Vault – FW2B 

Intel Celeron J3060



coreboot pre-loaded

Domotz pre-loaded


Domotz on Vault
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