How to Setup pfBlockerNG

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pfBlocker is a very powerful package for pfSense® which provide advertisement, malicious content blocking and geo-blocking.

Installing pfBlockerNG

  • Access the pfSense WebGUI (default
  • Click on the System tab, then Package Manager
System>Package Manager
  • From the Package Manager menu select the Available Packages tab
  • Scroll down and find pfBlockerNG-devel and click Install
pfBlockerNG package
  • Verify pfBlockerNG is now installed by going to the Firewall drop down menu
  • Open the pfBlockerNG menu and start the wizard
pfBlockerNG install
pfBlockerNG Wizard
  • At the Component Configuration page of the wizard select the WAN interface for inbound. For outbound typically LAN is used. CTRL+Click any additional interfaces you want included.
  • Leave the DNSBL default
  • Click Finish and allow pfBlocker to update
  • If you would like multiple LAN segments to be included in with DNSBL check the setting Permit Firewall Rules and select the interface (ctrl+click) you would like included.
DNSBL Configuration
  • By Default pfBlockerNG will setup basic advertisement and IP blocking from defaults feeds
  • We recommend also including the DNSBL feed from BBcan177(creator of pfBlockerNG) as well as the Cryptojackers feed
pfBlockerNG feeds
  • Add by clicking the + next to the feed name
  • In the feed configuration click Enable All and change Action to Unbound
  • Click Save DNSBL Setting
Feed Configuration
  • Repeat this process for any other feeds you would like to add
Cryptojackers Feed
  • Once the feeds are added, it is important to reload and update
Reload and Update
  • Now browse a few websites and then check the pfSense dashboard to verify the pfBlockerNG widget is showing data

You might come across false positives possibly breaking certain sites. The solution is adding addresses to a Whitelist

  • To add an item to the whitelist access the pfBlockerNG Reports either by clicking on one of the packet stats (arrow below) or through the pfBlocker menu

pfBlocker also has built in GeoIP blocking. This allows you control over geographic regions connecting to your network. You can find this in the pfBlockerNG menu under IP>GeoIP. Careful blocking too much, websites host content and media on servers around the world. Unintentionally blocking some of these IP addresses could result in broken sites or unavailable downloads.

GeoIP Blocking

You should now have network wide advertisement and malicious content blocking. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out: