How to run a Memtest

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If your Vault is exhibiting odd behavior, one possible troubleshooting path is to make sure that the RAM is not defective.  Defective RAM can cause a number of issues, from simply file system corruption to a Vault that simply wont boot. A simple memtest is the easiest way to troubleshoot defective RAM.

In this example, we will use a memory test tool from  We will be demonstrating the creation of a bootable USB stick with memtest on it using Microsoft Windows 10.

***Note that you will need a USB stick whose contents will be deleted during this procedure.

First, download a copy of the memtest USB creation tool from the Protectli site at memtest86-usb.

***Note that if you download memtest from the official site at this link, MemTest86 V8  requires setting BIOS to UEFI mode.

This will download a file called “”.  Click the file, then click “Extract All” to extract the zip file.


Windows will open a new folder with the extracted files.


Double click on “imageUSB” to open the software which will install memtest onto your USB stick.  The memtest window will open, asking you to create and write an image.  Make sure your USB drive is inserted in your computer and click the “Refresh Drives” button.

***NOTE: The USB drive you are selecting will be wiped by the software, so be sure it does not have any files that cannot be deleted!!!

imageUSB memtest

Once selected, choose, “Write to UFD” to start the process of creating the bootable USB Disk.

imageUSB memtest - write to UFD

The process should only take a few minutes, after which you will be notified that it is done.

imageUSB memtest - imaging completed

Once completed, remove the USB stick from your computer, and put it into the Vault (assuming the Vault is powered down).  With a Keyboard and Monitor connected to the Vault (or using a serial console (which is what we did in the screenshots), boot the vault, pressing “DEL” to ensure that you are able to get into the Vault’s BIOS.

Com4 - PuTTY

Once in the BIOS, use the arrow keys to “tab” over to the “Save & Exit” tab.  Use the arrows to move the selection down under the “Boot Overide” section to “UEFI: <NAME OF USB STICK>”.  Depending on the USB stick you use, it will have a different name.

COM4 - PuTTY setup

Once selected, the Vault will boot directly to the Memtest.

COM4 - PuTTY memtest

A full memtest will take several hours to run.  We highly recommend running a full memtest if you encounter any suspicious behavior on your Vault, as memory issues occur more often than one might think.  Any errors encountered during the memtest means that the RAM stick is bad and needs to be replaced.

For additional information or help, please feel free to reach out to support by opening a ticket. You can find more information in our Knowledge Base, or at