How to Reset the Vault’s CMOS/BIOS for FW1, FW2, FW4 Series

Last Updated On January 11, 2018
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The Vault’s CMOS is a small amount of battery backed memory that retains system information and settings that are used by the BIOS. The CMOS can occasionally get into a state where it needs to be reset in order to address odd behavior. ┬áThis can occur due to an improper shutdown (see this FAQ) or other reasons. Symptoms of odd behavior on the Vault include:

  • VGA output that is black, despite power being applied to the unit
  • Odd Performance issues
  • BIOS lockouts (setting and forgetting the BIOS Administrator or User Password)
  • Boot directly to BIOS without the Vault being able to recognize any connected drives
  • Other odd behavior

Resetting the CMOS restores the BIOS to the default settings and can sometimes resolve these types of issues.

To reset the CMOS/BIOS:

  • Verify the Vault is powered off
  • Open the Vault cover
  • Using a screwdriver or other metal tool, short the two pins shown in the photo below for about 10 seconds.

After resetting, boot the Vault and verify that the system comes up correctly.

If the Vault does not boot and operate correctly, more advanced troubleshooting options may need to be used.


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