Can I mount a Hard Drive in the Vault

The new 6 Port Vault’s from Protectli allow the installation of a 2.5″ drive, inside of the unit.  The Vault will fit drives up to 9mm thick.  For heat reasons, we recommend that users only use SSD’s when mounting a drive inside the Vault.  Further, the 6 Port Vault comes with a SATA cable, as well as a SATA power cable that can be used to connect internally mounted 2.5″ SSD’s.

Please note that the 4 Port Vault CANNOT accommodate an internally mounted drive, other than the mSATA.  While all Vaults (2 port, 4 port, and 6 port) include an internal SATA header along with drive power header, the 6 port is the only unit that has enough room to accommodate a drive mounted internally.