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Always online: Add 4G LTE connectivity for the Vault

Protectli IDG400 angled

Introducing 4G LTE

  • Modem: Your choice of an external modem with gigabit ethernet or an internal LTE modem card.
  • Service Plan: Protectli service plans are available backed by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Carrier Switching (AT&T, T-Mobile).  Alternatively, bring your own SIM from any network that operates on the LTE bands the modem supports.
  • Combine both modem and service plan for best compatibility. Both modem and service plans available separately as well.
  • Plans available for Low-Volume or High-Volume usage: Never lose network connectivity again.
  • No software drivers needed: Fully configurable via the Web UI and with Windows / Linux / *BSD.

Stay Connected

The Vault can be combined with either the external 4G LTE modem, or one of our internal 4G LTE modems. Both modem types are suitable as a primary internet connection, for internet failover, mobile retail, or other applications where wired internet services are not readily available.

All Protectli 4G LTE modems are LTE Category 4 LTE devices, giving them up to 150Mbps peak download and 50Mbps peak upload rate.  Actual data rates will depend on the connected LTE network and signal strength.

The 4G LTE modems have been tested with multiple operating systems to provide a complete solution. 

MDG400_MDG100_MDG200 (1)


The internal modem card fits inside the Vault and the external modem is only 4 x 3 x 1 inches ‘tall’.


The external modem weighs less than 1 lb and can be mounted with an optional wall mount bracket

Remote Install

The external Modem’s Ethernet connectivity allows for the modem to be installed in a location ideal for cellular reception, allowing for maximum throughput.

Add a service plan

Both the internal and external modems can be coupled with Protectli 4G LTE service, backed by either Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Carrier Switching (AT&T, T-Mobile) to provide a complete cellular solution.  There is no need for separate modems – our hardware works on a wide array of LTE bands that are used by a number of carriers. Service plan options are available with either a Dynamic or Static IP. And if you already have 4G LTE Service, you can use your own SIM.

When you select both modem and a qualifying service plan from us, we will install the SIM, as well as configure & test the unit before shipping, making for the ultimate plug and play solution.

Protectli LTE carriers


There are various use cases for the Vault with 4G LTE

IoT remote monitoring and control

Temporary connectivity for outdoor markets, sporting events, activities

General backup if primary WAN goes down

Credit card processing for retail as primary or backup WAN

Construction connectivity for site offices and on site video monitoring

Oil, Gas, and Utilities connectivity and monitoring

Service Plans

 Low-Volume PlansHigh-Volume Plans
CarriersAT&T, Verizon, T-MobileVerizon, T-Mobile
Monthly CostStarts at $15/GBStarts at $129/mo with 100GB incl.
Monthly Minimum$10NA
Term LengthPay as you go - Monthly (Postpaid)3 months minimum - Monthly after (Prepaid)
Static IP availableYesNo

SIM Card

Choose your carrier, we will ship you the SIM card. Cost for SIM & Activation: $10

Monitor Data Usage

Use our portal to view your data usage at any time (Low-Volume plans only).

Set Thresholds

Control your spend by setting custom data thresholds and email notifications (Low-Volume plans only).

Get 4G LTE

To add 4G LTE to your Vault: Select your modem first, then select your service plan (optional).

1. Add Modem:

Protectli IDG400 angled

4G LTE Modem


For all models

MDG200-Flat_400x400b (1)

4G LTE Modem Card 

(MDG200 mPCIe)

For FW2B, FW4B, FW4C


4G LTE Modem Card 

(MDG200 M.2)

For the VP2420 and all VP4600 models


Please note: Our 4G LTE Models work in North America only.

2. Add Service Plan:

· Low-Volume Plans

Minimum Data Usage:


Every plan requires a SIM card ($10 one-time, non-refundable fee). There are no overage fees, no long-term commitments. Monthly fees are based on actual usage, pro-rated for your plan, with a minimum charge of $10 per month.


Protectli 4G LTE Service

AT&T and T-Mobile

(Carrier Switching)

Dynamic IP

Data Usage: $15/GB

Protectli 4G LTE Service


Dynamic IP

Data Usage: $20/GB

Protectli 4G LTE Service


Static Public IP: +$10/mo

Data Usage: $20/GB

Protectli 4G LTE Service


Static Public IP: +$10/mo

Data Usage: $20/GB

· High-Volume Plans

Up to: 


for $200/mo

Every plan requires a SIM card ($10 one-time, non-refundable fee). All plans are prepaid and billed month-to-month after an initial 3-months minimum commitment. No data cap, no rollover. Plans only available in the US.
If more data is used than allocated to the monthly plan, speeds may be throttled to 512Kbps.

Protectli 4G LTE Service


4G LTE data: 100GB Unthrottled

Dynamic IP

Monthly Cost: $129

Protectli 4G LTE Service


4G LTE data: 120GB Unthrottled

Dynamic IP

Monthly Cost: $200

Looking for even more data?

Looking to use Protectli 4G outside of North America?

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Due today: $10.00
$10.00 for SIM card activation

$20.00 per GB

Plan cycles on the 1st of the month
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