Installation of Untangle NG Firewall on FW6 Series Vault

Last Updated On December 17, 2018
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Note: Since this article was originally written, Untangle NG 14.1.0 has been successfully installed on the FW6 series of the Vault.

Untangle NG Firewall is a network security application. The home web site is at this link. Untangle NG version 13.1.0 has been successfully installed and deployed on the FW6 series of the Vault. Before installing Untangle NG, verify that the Vault has been equipped with the appropriate hardware. See the hardware requirements as published by Untangle at this link. The steps to download and install Untangle NG Firewall are below.

  • Download software from this link
  • Select “x86 64 bit” for the Target Platform
  • Select “ISO” for Image Format
  • Verify an uncompressed file of about 600 MB named “untangle_1310_x64.iso” or similar is downloaded
  • Create a bootable USB with the ISO image using Rufus or similar tool, see this link
  • Install the USB into an FW6 series Vault
  • Connect the Vault to the network via the WAN port that is connected to a network with DHCP enabled
    • Note: Untangle downloads files from the internet during installation
  • Power on and verify the Vault boots to the USB
  • Select “Graphical Install”
  • Select “Language”, “Location”, and “Keyboard”
  • Follow the prompts and on screen installation instructions to continue the installation and initial configuration
  • Verify Untangle is successfully installed
  • Verify the Configuration starts
  • When configuring Settings, in the Network Card table, note that the port named “External” with device “eth0” is the “WAN” port on the Vault. The port named “Internal” with device “eth1” is the “LAN” port on the Vault.
  • The default for the External port IP Address is DHCP
  • The default for the Internal port is static IP Address of and is a DHCP server
  • Verify the configuration completes successfully
  • Select the default applications and verify that they are downloaded successfully
  • Verify the Untangle NG firewall dashboard is displayed on the monitor or console used for the installation
  • Verify that you can browse to via the “Internal” or “LAN” port and login using the password assigned during the installation

Untangle NG Firewall Dashboard

Information regarding Untangle NG performance can be found at this link.