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This article covers how to enable a LAN bridge in pfSense®. LAN bridge act as a switch using the optional ports on the Vault. While not optimal compared to using a separate physical switch, it works if needed.

Note: If the port being used for the web interface is added to the bridge, then physical access to the unit will be necessary.

How to Create a LAN Bridge in pfSense®

In this example we will be assigning the LAN interface to a bridge utilizing the Vaults additional ports, OPT1 and OPT2. The idea of this example can be used across all the Vault models with small variation.

  • Access the webGUI. The default IP address:, username: admin, password: pfsense
  • Verify the Vaults optional interfaces(OPT1, OPT2, etc) are assigned with default settings.
  • To assign simply click Add next to the port you wish to assign. Click Save.
pfSense LAN Bridge
pfSense® Interface Assignment Menu
  • To enable the each interface, click the on the interface label(OPT1,OPT2,etc) in the left column.
  • Click Enable, leave all other settings default. Save and Apply Changes
pfSense LAN Bridge OPT1
pfSense® Interface Configuration Menu
  • In the Interfaces menu select the Bridges tab and click Add
  • Select OPT1 and OPT2 using Ctrl+Click. Don’t select the LAN interface. Click Save.
pfSense LAN Bridge OPT1 OPT2
Bridge Configuration Menu
  • Navigate back to the Interface Assignments tab and change the LAN interface port to BRDIGE0
  • Note: At this point once the settings are saved the web interface connection will be lost. Swap the Ethernet connection to one of the optional ports(OPT1,OPT2) added into the bridge to regain access
pfSense LAN Bridge - interface assignments
Assigning BRIDGE0
  • Assign the port previously used as LAN to OPT3 and enable it as done in the steps earlier
  • Navigate back to the Bridges menu and add(Ctrl+Click) OPT3. Save
  • Navigate to System > Advanced > System Tunables
  • Select and change its value to 0. Save
  • Select and change its value to 1. Save
pfSense system advanced
  • Click Apply Changes at the top
pfSense System advanced tunables
  • Reboot
  • Verify bridged ports are functioning

At this point you should have a functioning LAN bridge in pfSense®. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reach out: You can find more information about pfSense on the Vault in our Knowledge Base, or at