How to configure OPNsense for the Internal 4G LTE Modem

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How to configure OPNsense for the Internal 4G LTE Modem

Protectli offers 4G LTE Modems and service subscription plans. An overview can be found on the main 4G LTE page. One of the options is an internal modem, the MDG100. In order to use the MDG100, an Operating System (OS) must be installed on the Vault and configured to recognize and utilize the 4G LTE Modem. This article describes how to configure OPNsense  to utilize the MDG100 Internal 4G LTE Modem.


The Internal 4G LTE Modem, MDG100, includes micro coax cables and antennas. When the MDG100 is ordered with one of the Vaults, the MDG100 is installed and tested by Protectli at the factory. If the modem has not been installed, install the modem in the proper slot, connect the coax cables and attach the external antennas.

Protectli LTE radio card - MDG100
MDG100 antennas
Protectli LTE - antennas

OPNsense Configuration

To install OPNsense, follow the instruction in this Knowledge Base article.

When complete, verify that the OPNsense Dashboard is displayed



  • Select Interfaces->Assignments
  • Verify the Interfaces:Assigments page is displayed


  • Select the “New interface:” dropdown
  • Verify one of the options is “ue0”, which is the MDG100 Internal 4G LTE Modem
  • Select ueo for the new interface


  • Add a Description if desired (recommended)
  • Select the “+” button
  • Select the Save button


  • Verify the new 4GLTE interface is saved



  • Select the 4G LTE Interface
  • Verify the 4G LTE interfaces page is displayed
  • Select “Enable Interface” checkbox
  • Verify the configuration menu is expanded
  • Select IPv4 Configuration Type->DHCP
  • Select the Save Button
  • Select the Apply Changes Button


The Internal 4G LTE Modem is now configured in OPNsense. It should now be possible to browse to which is the default IP address of the MDG100.

  • Open another tab in the same browser or another browser window
  • Browse to
  • Verify the MDG100 Internal 4G LTE Modem Login page is displayed

At this point, the modem has been installed, OPNsense has been installed and configured to recognize and utilize the modem. The modem is ready to be configured and used. As always, if you have questions or issues, please reach out to us at or find more information in our Knowledge Base.


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