BIOS Versions for the Vault

Last Updated On December 26, 2018
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BIOS is non-volatile memory that is used to initialize the system hardware during the boot process. BIOS is installed on every system when it ships, but occasionally there are upgrades to the BIOS to address various issues. This page has a table with all of the current versions of BIOS for the Vault. BIOS can be downloaded from this table by clicking on the “Download Link” entry and used to upgrade the BIOS on the Vault.

The currently installed BIOS version can be found on the main BIOS page, as seen in the screenshot below (circled in red):

See this link for instructions on how to install BIOS on the Vault.

ModelDownload LinkBIOS IDNotes
FW11-181025BTL4A010Intel Spectre and Meltdown fixes
FW22-180706BTL4A008Intel Spectre and Meltdown fixes
FW2B2B180727BSW4L003 V1.02First Customer Shipment
FW4A4A180804E38L4A05 V1.03Intel Spectre and Meltdown fixes, COM port fix
FW4B4B180727BSW4L003 V1.02First Customer Shipment
FW6A6-180614KBU6LA06Intel ME, Spectre and Meltdown fixes
FW6B6-180614KBU6LA06Intel ME, Spectre and Meltdown fixes
FW6C6-180614KBU6LA06Intel ME, Spectre and Meltdown fixes

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