BIOS Update for FW4A series

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A BIOS update has been generated that addresses the problem with the FW4A series and Samsung SSD 850 EVO that is described on this link. It is only an issue with FW4A and Samsung SSD. No other systems need this BIOS update. The instructions to update the BIOS are below. Note that care must be taken so that the system is not powered off during the BIOS update as this could render the system unusable.


  • Create a bootable FreeDOS USB
  • Copy the three files from the BIOS Update link below to the USB drive

BIOS Update

  • Insert the USB and boot the system to BIOS by repeatedly hitting F11 during the boot process
  • Select boot from the USB
  • Verify the system boots to a DOS prompt
  • At the prompt, type bios_upd.bat
  • Verify that script runs, the process is complete and it returns to the DOS prompt
  • Power off the system and remove the BIOS USB
  • Reboot the system to BIOS
  • Verify that the FW4A recognizes the Samsung SSD
  • The system can now install software to the SSD
  • The output from the update process is shown in the photo below


protectli bios update screen capture

BIOS update screen capture